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And The Foreclosure Hits Keep On Coming

Federal National Mortgage (FNM) began an eviction proceeding against a couple who occupied their apartment after FNM obtained the deed to the apartment through a foreclosure sale. The, now, tenants of the apartment argued that FNM could not maintain the eviction proceeding since FNM was not the proper assignee to the underlying mortgage for the [...]

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If You Touch My Property, You Will Pay.

Eminent Domain has been around and used by municipalities dating back to feudal England. The primary reason for the taking of private land is that its benefit to the public is far greater. Of course this benefit comes at a price. There needs to be a valuation of the property according to the "highest and [...]

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If Your Friends Jump Off a Roof, Are You Going To?

The answer is yes and then sue the homeowner when you jump off the roof onto a trampoline and injure yourself. That is exactly what the family of James Hallwood did after he voluntarily followed two friends who were horsing around in the backyard of a neighbors home. James, an honor student, knew of the [...]

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Good Fences Make Good Real Property Cases

The literary aphorism used to end with "good neighbors" until neighbors in the bronx sued for beach access to the Long Island Sound. The beach front property on either side of Casler Place is owned the Acquafredda's. They decided to put up a new fence across the properties blocking access to the beach for the [...]

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