Affordable Housing Has Gone Digital

Affordable Housing Has Gone Digital

The process of applying to live in a city-financed affordable housing development is about to join the rest of the world and it’s online/cloud/streaming glory.

Starting Tuesday morning, applicants seeking to rent or buy an apartment in two new developments – the Westwind Houses in East Harlem and Richmond Place in Richmond Hill, Queens – will be able to create a user profile and submit applications to each development on a new Web site,

In the fall, the site will expand to include all new affordable housing development projects in the city, meaning that applicants will be able to create an online application, then submit that application to any new affordable housing lottery in New York with the click of a button, as reported by the New York Times.

The city receives approximately 160,000 applications each fiscal year for about 4,000 affordable apartment units, which usually sell or rent at below-market rates. Applicants, who must meet certain income requirements to qualify for affordable housing, are selected via lottery.

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