New York Cooperative Law

In our representation of cooperatives, we provide general counsel services regarding all board and management activities, including negotiation and preparation of agreements related to all aspects of the operation of the cooperative, from the most sophisticated construction contracts for the refurbishing and rehabilitation of the physical structure to the simple supply of material contracts and dispute resolution. We actively assist our clients in amending their by-laws and proprietary leases to reflect the realities of their constituencies. We also successfully negotiate agreements with shareholders whose use of apartments may infringe upon the goals of our client.

We regularly attend board and annual meetings, become involved with the more mundane but necessary aspects of the ownership of real property in New York such as resolution of disputes with the administrative agencies contractors and vendors by assisting in obtaining licenses, permits and approvals.

We also handle any unusual aspects of coop real estate, such as the attendance at meetings or providing direction to the managing agent regarding the transfer of apartments, review and analysis of by-laws, proprietary leases, house rules and their enforcement, interpretation by the courts and recent statues enacted by the legislature.

Although many of our successes have been in avoidance of costly litigation, we also provide our clients with full litigation services, ranging from the most sophisticated commercial matter to landlord/tenant cases.